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Pest Control TipsPest Control Tips from the Pros

Cockroach prevention can be done by regularly cleaning and sanitizing your home. Every spring, you should consider performing a deep cleaning around your house, which can help prevent cockroaches and other pests from finding your home a suitable environment. Here are some good tips to remember when it comes to preventing cockroaches:

  • Whenever crumbs or spills occur, clean them up immediately
  • Clean out your pantry regularly and sanitize your pantry shelves
  • Make sure that all food in your pantry is protected from hungry cockroaches by storing it in air-tight containers
  • Never leave pet food out for a long period of time. You should also make sure that pet food is stored in an air-tight container rather than a bag
  • Pull out the appliances in your kitchen (as best you can without damaging them or the cords attached!) to clean around them and underneath them. Crumbs and spills tend to accumulate in these areas so it is important to clean them out periodically
  • Fix any especially damp areas by running a dehumidifier. You will also want to mend leaky pipes and faucets. Cockroaches tend to be attracted to warm and moist environments

These tips should help reduce the possibility that you play host to a cockroach infestation, but they aren’t always totally successful. Contact Command Pest Control today to help rid yourself of roaches once and for all. Call us at (937) 838-0114 or e-mail us with your questions.

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