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Dayton Pest Control

Dayton Pest Control Professionals

Dayton Pest ExterminatorsWhen it comes to protecting your home or business from infestation, you can’t afford to leave anything to chance. Rely upon the experienced professionals at Command Pest Control to make sure your problems are handled efficiently and affordably. Our pest control company will get it right the first time!

Since 2003, we have been helping clients remove unwanted pest(s) from their homes and facilities. Successful pest management should also include structure inspection, proper pest identification and arming the clients with prevention techniques to help remove the possibility of future outbreaks.

At Command, we’ll help protect you and your family by using both chemical and non-chemical solutions. We always listen to the needs of our clients very carefully and discuss the options that make the most sense for their specific situation. Together, we will handle any situation – always keeping the wishes of the customer in mind.

Command Pest Control believes in personal ethics and responsibility. Pest control is serious business!  When dealing with pesticides, there is always the danger of exposing humans and pets. It is critical that every person working with such chemicals has the professional knowledge, personal ethics and responsibility to effectively remove the unwanted pest(s) and protect those in and around the treated area.

We specialize in the removal of:

Bedbugs | Termites | Mice/Rats | Ants | Spiders | Bees | Hornets | Yellow Jackets | Cockroaches | Fleas | Mosquitoes | Moles | Rodents

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