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Dayton Pest Control

Professional Bed Bug Removal in the Dayton Area

Command Pest Control has specialized in bed bug removal since it’s inception in 2003. We have helped countless customers identify, remove and prevent the return of these unwanted guests with the most advanced procedures in the industry. Home remedies and sprays just aren’t enough – in order to truly remove bed bugs from your home or office, you need the professional services offered by our team of experienced exterminators.

The Command Difference

Bed Bug Dayton

Each room is sealed individually, to allow for consistent heat of over 160º F.

Instead of relying solely upon sprays or trying to heat an entire home to combat a bed bug infestation, Command Pest Control goes above and beyond to ensure success the first time. We come to your location and help you identify the rooms infected by the bed bugs.

Our team of experts will seal off each infected room one at a time, and heat the contents to over 160º F. We let each room stay at this consistent temperature for over 12 hours, while adding the proper chemicals.

All the while, the other rooms in your home are open and free to continue your normal lives. Heating an entire home is commonly offered by other service providers, but there will be corners and hidden spaces that temperatures cannot be maintained – allowing these creatures to survive. By focusing upon single rooms at a time, it allows Command to ensure a more consistent temperature in that enclosed area. This ensures the heat will reach all areas of the room and kill the bedbugs once and for all.

Once the first location is completed, we begin the process for the next room and so on, until all of the bedbugs are exterminated. Simple, affordable and effective – Command Pest Control is the one-visit solution to all your bedbug problems in the Dayton area.  Bugs. Gone. Guaranteed.


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