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Dayton Pest Control

Dayton Pest Control Services

Unwanted pests in your home or office cause more than anxiety and inconvenience. Their potential to spread disease can effect the health of your family – as well as damage wiring and woodwork of your location, threatening the safety of your home. Pests can cause serious problems, which calls for serious actions. Good thing Command Pest Control is just a phone call away!

The professional exterminators at Command have a long tradition of helping Dayton areas residents and businesses with pest removal. We don’t just remove your infestation, we work to help prevent it’s return in the future.

No Obligations, No Long-Term Contracts

While other national pest removal companies try to lock you in to lengthy and expensive contracts, Command Pest Control simply cares for it’s clients in the way you would treat your best friends. We give free estimates over the phone, and can come out for a single extermination call if necessary.

We do offer a Quarterly Pest Control Program if that is what you may desire – one that will remove unwanted pests from your location, and keep them away with our preventative services. This Pro Pest Protection 365 will keep you free of insects, bedbugs, termites and more.

We specialize in the removal of:

Bedbugs | Termites | Mice/Rats | Ants | Spiders | Bees | Hornets | Yellow Jackets | Cockroaches | Fleas | Mosquitoes | Moles | Rodents

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